Celebrating Simpleewsome Seven Years!
We're growing. In numbers and in age!
Yep, we've been around in the business for 7* years.

Our vision is to "Create Experiences that are activating Brands, Businesses & Customers" by rendering professional services in the field of Advertising, Brand Management, Conferences, Creative Campaigns, Destination Management, Digital Marketing, Event Conceptualization & Management, Exhibition Setups, Gifting Ideas, Printing Solutions and others.

2nd April 2017 marks an important milestone for AVS. Seven years ago, AVS started humbly with a single valued customer, and now we've grown to working with over 63 plus happy clients. It's been an exciting journey so far, and we're looking forward to the amazing and crazy work times ahead.

The ride till here wasn't all fancy. We've had our fair share of bumps and blunders, like any other agency, but have managed to hold ground and learn from our mistakes. Grabbing this opportunity, AVite's would like to say THANK YOU to all our Clients, Partners, Suppliers, ex and current Staff including our incredible team of Designers, Event Managers, Productions, Operations, Team Leaders and all others.

Without you and your support, AVS wouldn't be anywhere where it is today.
You make AVS amazing and colorful!

Here's to the coming colorful years as we walk step in step with you to create awesome experiences!

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